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London’s status as an urban metropolis is a testament to its widespread appeal. With so many tourist attractions, historical landmarks, a bubbling nightlife, and many lifestyle choices at your leisure, relocating to London might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

There are many reasons why London is one of the most visited cities in the world, including its culture, diversity, and dynamism. London’s impressive features have cemented its status as one of the greatest cities on earth, so if you’re moving there, you’re in for a treat.

Moving to London

Settling in a new city requires patience, perseverance, and careful consideration, but London’s make-up will make you feel right at home. Though city living isn’t for everyone, if you’re intrigued by the prospect of a vibrant social scene, depth of character and diversity, London is probably right down your street.

Thousands of people relocate to London every year, and though the city attracts countless young people, it has a lot to offer older people too. London is a bubbling, busy, and exciting place, where there are multiple opportunities to meet new people and further your career. Whether you’re seeking excitement or simply looking to embrace a new way of life, London can be the perfect springboard to unlocking your true potential.

The city has some of the best transport links in the world, including the London underground, overground, DLR, excellent taxi services, and bus services to everywhere imaginable. You’ll have a chance to embrace some incredible sights, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and so many other iconic landmarks and historical buildings.

If you’re looking to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, almost 18% of London is covered with greenery, including St James Park, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and many more.

What more could you want from a city?

Find the right moving company in London

Though it might be exciting, moving can be a stressful, time-consuming process, especially when you’re entering unchartered territory. Fortunately, by working with a professional moving company you can eliminate the associated difficulties and rely on the knowledge of experts.

If you’re seeking an effortless relocation without too much hassle, you’d be wise to work with a competent moving company. Select the right one at MoveAgain and you’ll ensure your belongings are moved seamlessly. By doing so you won’t have to contend with carrying heavy boxes, furniture, and other items since your belongings will be securely boxed and transported. Taking advantage of advanced packaging and storage services makes everything that much easier.

Embrace the friendly customer service of a professional company and you’ll feel significantly better about moving out. Price is a big consideration, but it’s important to consider factors like distance and accessibility when addressing cost. At MoveAgain, we promote quality companies that implement a fair pricing system with full transparency about costs.

What are the advantages of a moving company?

By working with an expert moving company, you can leverage the experience of professionals who are committed to making your life easier. No one can help you quite like a moving company that will do everything within its power to position you for a positive experience.

What’s great is the reassurance and peace of mind you’ll receive, which will allow you to focus your attention on other areas of importance. What’s difficult to conceptualize is that you can actually end up saving money by working with a moving company, despite having to pay someone for your services. You can also benefit from enhanced safety when carrying heavy items, while not having to make multiple trips to reach your destination.

With so much to gain, you should definitely consider working with a professional moving company that can take a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Rental prices in London districts

City 1 room 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms
London £1,288 £1,535 £2,295 £2,575

Your advantages with MoveAgain

MoveAgain is here to help, whatever it takes. Our main ambition is to make your move a great one, to eradicate stress, and to ensure you’re at ease with the entire moving process. Our qualified and reliable team of experts knows what it takes, and we continually modify our approach around the situation at hand.

We appreciate everyone’s move is different and requires a solution that’s tailored to the needs of the individual. Moving to London doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when we’re here to accommodate your needs and answer any questions you might have. MoveAgain will help you connect with a moving company that’s right for you, where you can simply filter results by entering your information and then selecting from a list of suitable companies.

Book your move online at a reasonable price and you’ll be one step closer to moving into the home of your dreams.


Checklist: How moving works with MoveAgain

As a full-service partner for your move to London, MoveAgain is a third-party portal that presents the best moving companies in existence. In addition to connecting you with the right institution, we can provide advice, tools, and support through our elite team of professionals.

We can even create an inventory checklist to organize not only your belongings but your thoughts too. The checklist we provide will help you understand what needs to be done and at what time, something that’s orchestrated through collaboration and communicating to understand your needs.

Why not book ahead to ensure a stress-free move, it might be the best decision you’ve made all year!


  • Stress-free relocation

    We will work hand in hand with you to deliver a swift and well-planned move. You can book online and receive an offer within just a few minutes.

  • A reliable team

    MoveAgain has already been booked more than 10000 times. Our moving team will handle your belongings with the utmost care and consideration. You can rest assured that every stage of your move is in safe hands.

  • Tailor-made service

    We at MoveAgain understand the unique nature of each of our clients’ criteria and offer the most efficient levels of service. Our team works closely with our clients to not only build trust but to capture every detail and understand their exact moving requirements.

  • Transparent prices

    We will ensure to provide you with transparent prices, meaning no hidden costs and to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction.

We are the moving experts in London

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Our revolutionary platform makes it possible to create a personalised offer for you. The algorithm selects the right moving company for you out of 150 partner companies. Our partner companies are all hand-picked and tested for performance and safety. We only choose the best moving partners to handle our clients order.

What are the advantages of hiring a moving company?

We recommend that you start planning your move three months before the moving date and contact the moving company to book you the date directly. To avoid paying double rent in the old and new flat, many people want to move at the end of the month. This can result in tight deadlines for moving companies. If you have the opportunity to move in the middle of the month, it is best to take advantage of this, as you can often get a better price.

Calculate your moving costs online

Every move is associated with costs - whether carried out privately or by a selected moving company. Hiring a professional moving company can help you get value for your money. Professional movers are trained to ensure your belongings are handled with care to avoid any damages. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with the heavy lifting and the stress of figuring out what goes into which box. Above all else, our moving partners guarantee that your belongings will arrive safely to your end destination. We can help you get an overview of your moving costs.